creating a platform that inspires the world to come together and drive positive change


Our community is the heart of this project and your ideas, expertise, and contribution matter more than anything else. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and reach new heights.


The coin has a strong community of supporters who are passionate about the coin and its mission.

Memetic Appeal

This project is not just about creating a digital currency, but rather it is about creating a platform that inspires the world to come together and drive positive change.

Spontaneous growth

As a community-driven project, we are all united by one common goal – to build something that matters and brings value to everyone involved. It takes more than just ideas and technology to make this vision a reality.


For the sake of convenience, we will base our calculations on a 100 BNB PinkSale launch and a daily trading volume of $100,000 (with an equal 50% distribution between buying and selling). We will not take into account the token’s appreciation against the US dollar. Our analysis will assume a consistent market capitalization of $1 million, though the value of each token may increase over time due to token burning.

1,000,000,000 (1B) Tokens

Total Supply

20% Pink Sale
10% Team
60% Community
10% Marketing

How to get the liquidity MC in the good range ?

The project team purchases tokens from the open market and removes them from circulation (burns them), resulting in a decreased total token supply and an increased ratio. At Salt & Pepe (SnP), we recognize this issue and aim to achieve a ratio above 0.3 (i.e., $30,000 liquidity for a $100,000 market cap).

Growing a project necessitates effective marketing, but it can quickly become a financial burden. Candidly, paid marketing strategies such as call promotions or purchase competitions that reward only a few individuals are often an inefficient use of resources.

Tax on transaction

Our objective is to incentivize our token holders by implementing a minimal buy tax, which will primarily contribute to community funds. On the other hand, the sell tax, which applies when you exit the project, is slightly higher to ensure that the proceeds are distributed among the community and the dedicated team managing the project. Our buy tax is set at 3%, while the sell tax stands at 7%

Marketing Funds

The funds allocated for marketing will be utilized to support the Tweet-n-Burn mechanism, where one tweet corresponds to a 0.003 BNB buyback and burn. With a daily volume of $10,000, the funds receive $175, sufficient to cover 180 tweets per day




Team funds (0% on buys, 2% on sells, averaging 1%) will be utilized for team compensation. Eighty percent will be allocated to the core team (currently four members), while the remaining 20% will be used for team development.

The initial 9.2 BNB from a 100 BNB pink sale will be employed for rewarding and expanding the team. The team tokens will be vested with a 10% cliff, followed by 5% every three months (90% total).

Community funds will be dedicated to rewarding the community through staking, with rewards in BNB or other tokens depending on community votes (e.g., ETH, BTC). BNB staking will commence after four weeks to provide an attractive APR.

With a $10,000 daily volume over 30 days, $6,750 (22 BNB) will be available for staking rewards. Assuming a $100k market cap, this equates to an average distribution of 6.8% of the total market cap value per month (81.6% APR paid out in BNB).

Additionally, 23 BNB from the pink sale will be used to offer an appealing APR during the first week (approximately 170% APR if all 46 BNB are distributed within 30 days and the market cap is $100k). Following the initial month, the average APR is anticipated to remain at 80%.

Tax breakdown

  • Buy tax: 3%
  • Marketing: 2%
  • Development: 1%
  • Sell Tax: 7%
  • Team: 2%
  • Marketing: 1.5%
  • Development: 3.5%

100 BNB total

  • Pinksale: 5% (5 bnb)
  • Initial liquidity: 51% (51bnb)
  • Project funds: 44% (44 bnb)

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